CUT! was picked by as one of the TOP 5 HORROR FILMS of the year and we are starting to get a lot of buzz. The DVD comes out on Feb. 24 and it will be on all of the VOD outlets this month as well.


Hollywood Times

CUT! successfully incorporates multiple twists and unexpected revelations. I cannot recall the last time a horror movie left me feeling gratified as opposed to irritated by its sheer cheesiness or excessive gore, but CUT! prevails. Not only is CUT!’s concept original, but it effectively utilizes humor: an indisputable theme that was accentuated by the cast.

Kick Seat 

It would be easy to write off David Rountree’s Cut! as “soft-core Saw”, with its harried hostages and zero-hour revelation montage—but Clerks is closer to the mark. 
In the vein of Saw, Cut! piles twist upon twist upon twist upon twist, forming a black hole of cleverness that devours its final minutes. Modestly budgeted, mostly well acted, and shot beautifully, there’s an undeniable level of passion here that’s backed up by solid filmmaking. I would show this to anyone wondering if “real” movies can be made outside the studio system.

Coffee Addicted Writer

CUT! is 100% better than the horror garbage that is being released by the big production studios.

EE World News

Rountree’ direction is amazing as the performances are so real and chilling. All the performances were wonderful and spot on, even down to the supporting character and cameo roles. 

Kill Panda Kill

Director/Co-Writer David Rountree  creates a very smart, dark and twisted film that will keep you glued to the screen. I don’t want to give anything away but he has created a very thrilling conclusion that will put depraved grin on your face. Also, David Rountree tempers the violence through the picture and creates excellent condition violence vignettes, which grows and gets more sadistic as the film goes on. And although it’s not excessively gory at times, there are plenty of scenes that will send shivers down your spine.

AXS Magazine

In a world where Hollywood tends to simply recycle already existing stories, Rountree has succeeded in giving audiences something that's uniquely different from the typical pablum found in much of today’s horror.

Geek Hash Magazine

Psycho Rock Productions' Cut! rises above the rest. Rountree delivers a tight, taught film from beginning to end. It keeps you engrossed as you watch the filmmakers slip further and further into depravity. And when you get to the whopper of an ending, you’ll want to go back and watch the film again to pick up on the subtle clues peppered throughout the film. 

Life in LA

Cut! is definitely worth a watch and re-watch. Horror fans will be pleased with the experience. It is a suspenseful adrenaline rush.

Bucket of Corn

A horror induced thrill ride. CUT! was an amazing adrenaline thriller of a watch. It kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end. It's a deep and very psychological trip into the inner recesses of the dark mind and twisted soul of humanity.
This is one of those films that make you think and gives you an experience of a tight unrelenting horror thriller that never lets up and only lingers long after it’s over
Truly a film that stands out above and beyond so many films coming out. 

By Jonathan Weichsel
Cut! 2014
Director: David Rountree

Cut! is a satire of the indie horror "industry" and a clever, dark parody of indie horror films that both embraces and sends up the clichés that we have come to expect from straight to DVD horror. It is also a very good movie that ingeniously disguises itself as a very bad one.
While watching I kept asking myself questions such as, how could Lane, who looks and acts like a stereotypical movie serial killer from the first moment we see him, not get fired from his job? How could Travis, a reasonably intelligent guy who knows a ton about film, actually believe he is making a movie? Why are there blatant prostitutes on every street corner of Los Angeles? In short, I was preparing myself to rip the movie a new asshole.
Then, at the second act break, there is this amazing twist that logically explains everything that has happened up until then so that it make perfect sense. Intentionally filling a movie with nonsensical clichés and then retroactively explaining those clichés in a way that makes them make sense is pretty damn brilliant.
I do recommend Cut! to any die hard horror fan. If you watch a lot of horror movies, you will appreciate its commentary on the state of the genre. I actually want to watch Cut! again sometime to see how it holds up knowing what the twist is.

Wicked Horror

Cut! is full of surprises, twists and angles and the apparent is never the truth. It is as funny at times as it is brutal, Cut!, was a pleasure to watch.

Mike the Movie Guy

The movie itself is really good.  Just when I thought I had it figured out…BAM! A twist. It’s dope.

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David Rountree has written/directed 4 feature films while producing 5. He has also directed numerous National Commercials and Music Videos. Rountree is currently directing the Voodoo Thriller Garrett Manor with Vivica A. Fox, Sean Patrick Thomas, and Thomas Ian Nichols later this spring
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Welcome to the
David Rountree Fan Site

David Rountree has Written/Directed 4 Feature Films while Producing 5. He was named in the Hollywood Reporter as one of the Top 10 Hollywood Directors under 40. He has also directed numerous National Commercials and Music Videos. Rountree is currently set to direct the Voodoo Thriller Garrett Manor, starring Vivica A. Fox, Thomas Ian Nicholas, and Sean Patrick Thomas, in the spring of 2015
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